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한국개발연구. Vol. 27, No. 1, June 2005, pp. 39-79

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Information Externality, Bank Structure, and Economy

Bo-Eun Doh

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Manuscript .


This paper addresses the question of whether a monopolistic banking system can lead to a higher steady state level of capital stock. Information externality has enhanced as the advance of the financial system such as the establishment of the credit bureau system, networking, etc. Hence this paper aims to analyze the effects of both information externality and economic development on the determination of the optimal banking market structure. This paper shows that the presence of information externality together with asymmetric information would explain how a monopoly bank leads to a higher steady state level of capital stock. It also shows that not only under-developed countries but industrialized countries may also benefit from a concentrated banking system. This analysis provides an alternative explanation of the recent deregulation and resulting trends in mergers and acquisitions. This also provides a theoretical foundation to support governments' policy changes toward promoting merger and acquisition activities.


은행집중도(Bank Concentration), 정보의 외부효과(Information Externality), 은행산업의 구조(Banking Market Structure)

JEL Code

D41, D42, D43, G21, G34

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