KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1984

Vol.6, No.4 1984-12-30

Time-Series Analysis of Price and Wage (Written in Korean)
박준경 ; 이호창 (pp.2-24)
Choice Among Alternative Intermidiate Targets of Monetary Policy (Written in Korean)
노성태 (pp.25-46)
Korea's Effective Exchange Rates and Optimum Weights in the Currency Baskets (Written in Korean)
김인철 (pp.47-61)
Economic Impact of Patent (Written in Korean)
정진승 (pp.62-75)
A Comparative Analysis of Business Management in Korea and Japan (Written in Korean)
홍병우 (pp.76-101)
An Economic Analysis of Farm Mechanization (Written in Korean)
송대희 ; 김상기 (pp.102-121)
Demand for Rental Housing: Some Econometric Issues and Policy Implications (Written in Korean)
김중수 (pp.122-145)