KDI Journal of Economic Policy, March 1984

Vol.6, No.1 1984-03-31

Size Distribution of Income in Korea, 1982 : Its Estimation and Sources of Change (Written in Korean)
주학중 ; 윤주현 (pp.2-18)
Market Structure in the Korean Manufacturing Industry (Written in Korean)
이규억 ; 이재형 ; 김주훈 (pp.19-37)
Total Factor Productivity Growth by Size of Firms in Korea's Manufacturing (Written in Korean)
김재원 (pp.38-57)
The Incentive Effect of the Tax Incentives for R&D (Written in Korean)
이원영 (pp.58-75)
The Oil Crisis and Policy Adjustment in an Open Economy (Written in Korean)
김인철 (pp.76-87)
A Short-run Model for Monetary Policy in Korea: Monetary Approach (Written in Korean)
엄봉성 (pp.88-107)
National Housing Welfare Status and a Housing Supply Ratio: Some Issues and a Suggestion for a New Index (Written in Korean)
정찬형 (pp.108-140)