KDI Journal of Economic Policy, March 1983

Vol.5, No.1 1983-03-31

An Analysis of Interf-Industry Wage Differentials in Korea (Written in Korean)
박훤구 (pp.2-25)
Labor Market Consequences of Higher Educational Expansion (II) (Written in Korean)
박세일 (pp.26-52)
Optimal Commodity Taxation in Theory and Practice (I) (Written in Korean)
최광 (pp.53-74)
An External Real Stock and the Role of Devaluation both in the Short- and Long-Run (Written in Korean)
엄봉성 (pp.75-91)
The Monetary Approach to Managed Floating in Korea (Written in Korean)
김인철 (pp.92-107)
An Economic Analysis of Farm Households Income Structure : Problems and Policy Recommendations (Written in Korean)
유병서 (pp.108-127)
Korea's Machinery Industry : Current Development Policies and Proposals for Reform (Written in Korean)
김승진 (pp.128-152)