KDI Journal of Economic Policy, November 2020

Vol.42, No.4 2020-11-30

Finding Loopholes in Sanctions: Effects of Sanctions on North Korea’s Refined Oil Prices†
KYOOCHUL KIM (pp.1-25)
Immigration to Korea: A Fiscal Boon or Burden?†
JINWOOK HUR (pp.27-58)
Effects of US Monetary Policy on Gross Capital Flows: Cases in Korea†
WOO JIN CHOI (pp.59-90)
Trick or Treat? Equity Concerns in the Preliminary Feasibility Study of the Republic of Korea†
JONGYEARN LEE (pp.91-116)
Robust Contract Conditions Under the Newly Introduced BTO-rs Scheme: Application to an Urban Railway Project†
KANGSOO KIM (pp.117-138)