KDI Journal of Economic Policy, August 2012

Vol.34, No.3 2012-08-31

A Study on the Standard Land Price and Just Compensation
Ho jun Lee ; Hyung tai Kim ; Dong ho Jeong (pp.1-29)
Social Welfare Policy Expansion and Generational Equity: Generational Accounting Approach
Young Jun Chun (pp.31-65)
Joblessness among the Highly Educated Youth in Korea: The Causes and Policy Implications
Yong-seong Kim (pp.67-94)
Performance of Korean State-owned Enterprises Following Executive Turnover and Executive Resignation During the Term of Office
Seung won Yu ; Su hee Kim (pp.95-131)
Nepotism or Networking?: The Effectiveness of Social Networks in the Labor Market
Young Chul Kim (pp.133-186)
Korean National Income Based on a Chain Index: 1953~2010
Chang-gui Park (pp.187-214)