KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 2009

Vol.31, No.2 2009-12-31

Testing for Nonlinear Threshold Cointegration in the Monetary Model of Exchange Rates with a Century of Data...... Junsoo LeeĀ·Mark C. Strazicich
Jun soo Lee ; Mark C. Strazicich (pp.1-13)
Analyzing the Effect of Changes in the Benchmark Policy Interest Rate Using a Term Structure Model
Joon hyuk Song (pp.15-45)
Changes in the Business Cycle of the Korean Economy: Evidence and Explanations
Jae joon Lee (pp.47-85)
Market Power of Internet Portals with Direct and Indirect Network Externality
Yang soo Jin (pp.87-126)
The Impacts of Smoking Bans on Smoking in Korea
Beom soo Kim ; Ah ram Kim (pp.127-153)
Growth of Felonies after the 1997 Financial Crisis in Korea
Du ol Kim ; Jee Eun Kim (pp.155-194)
The Role of Extensive and Intensive Margins in Korean Exports to China
Siwook Lee (pp.195-234)
Declines in Exchange Rate Pass-through to Export Prices in Korea
Hang yong Lee ; Hyeon-Wook Kim (pp.235-266)