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한국개발연구. Vol. 31, No. 2, December 2009, pp. 87-126

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Market Power of Internet Portals with Direct and Indirect Network Externality

Yang soo Jin

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Manuscript .


In the internet portal industry, the indirect network externality from portal visitors to advertisers and the direct network externality among portal visitors have important implications for anti-trust policies. This paper examines the existence and the magnitude of the direct/indirect network externality in the Korean internet portal industry and measures its effect on the market power of the internet portals. The results show that the direct/indirect network externality is substantive in the industry hence the market share of a portal in the visitors' side has the ‘leverage’ effect on its market power in the advertisers’side.


네트워크 외부성(Network Externality), 시장력(Market Power), 인터넷 서비스(Internet Service), 경쟁정책(Competition Policy)

JEL Code

L13, L44, L86

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