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한국개발연구. Vol. 31, No. 2, December 2009, pp. 15-45

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Analyzing the Effect of Changes in the Benchmark Policy Interest Rate Using a Term Structure Model

Joon hyuk Song

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Manuscript .


This paper estimates the term structure of interest rates with the setup of 3-factor no arbitrage model and investigates the trend of term premia and the effectiveness of changes in policy interest rates. The term premia are found to be high in a three-year medium term objective, which can be interpreted as reflecting the recognition of investors who expect a higher uncertainty in real activities for the coming three years than for a longer term. Then, in order to look into the effect of policy interest rates after the recent change of benchmark interest rate, this paper analyzes the effects of the changes in short-term interest rates of the financial market on the yield curve of the bond market at time of change. Empirical results show that the discrepancy between call rate, short-term rate in money market, and instantaneous short rate, short-term rate in the bond market, is found to be significantly widened, comparing to the periods before the change in benchmark interest rate. It is not easy to conclude clearly for now whether such a widening gap is caused by the lack of experiences with managing new benchmark interest rate or is just an exceptional case due to the recent turmoil in the global financial market. However, monetary policy needs to be operated in a manner that could reduce the gap to enhance its effectiveness.


이자율 기간구조(Term Structure of Interest Rate), 무차익거래(No Arbitrage), 통화정책(Monetary Policy)

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E43, E52, E58

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