KDI Journal of Economic Policy, June 2008

Vol.30, No.1 2008-06-30

Impacts of Increasing Volatility of Profitability on Investment Behavior
Kyung-Mook LIM (pp.1-31)
Understanding Post-Crisis Growth of the Korean Economy: Growth Accounting and Cross-Country Regressions
Chin He Hahn ; Suk ha Shin (pp.33-70)
Private Income Transfers and Old-Age Income Security
Hi sam Kim (pp.71-130)
A Study on the Optimal EITC Program
Han wook Yoo (pp.131-170)
The Great Depression in High School Social Science Textbooks: Critiques and Suggestions
Du ol Kim (pp.171-209)
The Development of Venture Capital Industry and the Role of Government in Korea: Venture Boom vs. Post-boom
Su il Lee (pp.211-246)