KDI Journal of Economic Policy, March 1981

Vol.3, No.1 1981-03-31

The Role of Government in Economic Development (Written in Korean)
사공일 (pp.2-23)
Economic Growth and Social Security Issues (Written in Korean)
박종기 (pp.24-42)
Analysis of Supply and Demand Functions for Major Primary Commodities (Written in Korean)
이선 (pp.43-67)
An Estimation of Earnings Function in the Korean Manufacturing Industry (Written in Korean)
박세일 (pp.68-84)
Some Issues on the Introduction of Unemployment Insurance Program (Written in Korean)
연하청 (pp.85-103)
Factors Affecting Induced Abortion Behavior among Married Women in Korea (Written in Korean)
김선웅 (pp.104-130)
A Semi-Annual Simulation Model of the Korean Economy (Written in Korean)
남상우 (pp.131-152)
Changing Pattern of Foreign Direct Investment in Newly Industrializing Countries and Korean Policy Issues (Written in Korean)
박을용 (pp.153-179)
A Welfare Analysis of World Wheat Cartel : Quadratic Programming Approach (Written in Korean)
송대희 (pp.180-195)