KDI Journal of Economic Policy, November 1993

Vol.15, No.2 1993-11-30

A Study on the Institutions Dealing with Failing Firms : Korea's Case (Written in Korean)
남일총 (pp.3-39)
Comparison of Purchasing Power in South and North Koreas (Written in Korean)
이영섭 (pp.41-63)
Anti-Poverty Programs and Worker Production Cooperatives (Written in Korean)
권순원 (pp.65-87)
Investment Environment of North Korea and Policies for Investing in North Korea (Written in Korean)
전홍택 (pp.89-120)
Collusion and the Antitrust Enforcement (Written in Korean)
신광식 (pp.121-160)
Economic Growth in Korea: From Kaldor's Law to Growth Regime Analysis (Written in Korean)
문우식 (pp.161-182)
보정: 전세의 경제적 효과와 개선방안
박원암 ; 김관영 (pp.181-182)