KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1990

Vol.12, No.4 1990-12-28

The Multisector Model of the Korean Economy: Structure and Coefficients (Written in Korean)
박준경 ; 김정호 (pp.3-20)
Technical Efficiency in Korea : Interindustry Determinants and Dynamic Stability (Written in Korean)
유승민 (pp.21-46)
An Estimation of Price Elasticities of Import Demand and Export Supply Functions Derived from an Integrated Production Model (Written in Korean)
이홍구 (pp.47-69)
Estimating the Tax Revenue Function of the Personal Incomes (Written in Korean)
노기성 (pp.71-95)
Equity-Efficiency Trade-off : the Case of Inheritance Tax (Written in Korean)
문형표 (pp.97-111)
An Analysis of the Optimal Integration of Korea's Public Pension Schemes (Written in Korean)
유일호 (pp.113-126)