KDI Journal of Economic Policy, November 1988

Vol.10, No.3 1988-11-30

The Logic and Morality of Market Mechanism : Towards an Ideological Interpretation of Deregulation (Written in Korean)
이규억 (pp.3-27)
Savings, Investment, and the External Debt in Korea (Written in Korean)
박원암 ; 안주엽 (pp.29-49)
An Empirical Test of the Efficiency of the Housing Market: A Case Study of Kangnam Apartment Market of Seoul, Korea (Written in Korean)
김관영 (pp.51-63)
An Empirical Analysis on the International Linkage of Korea's Industrial Organization (Written in Korean)
유승민 (pp.65-94)
The Choice of a Market Structure Index and Its Policy Relevance (Written in Korean)
최재철 ; 이재형 (pp.95-117)
An Evaluation of the Regulation Policy on the Korean Alcoholic Drinks Industry (Written in Korean)
강신일 (pp.119-138)
A Study on the Financing Methods and Medium-term Financial Projection (1988~1992) of the National Pension Scheme (Written in Korean)
민재성 ; 최병호 (pp.139-166)