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'Paths in Crisis’ KDI and Arirang TV Co-produce KDI’s 50th Anniversary Special Documentary

KDI 2021-03-04

 ※ KDI’s 50th Anniversary Special Feature, ‘Paths in Crisis’ (60 min.)
 - Premiere: March 4th Arirang TV 11:00 AM
 - Rerun: March 4th Arirang TV 3:00 PM, 
     March 6th Arirang TV 5:00 AM, 
     March 7th Arirang TV 11:00 AM
 >> [To watch the entire episode] Arirang TV World Youtube 

Scheduled to air on March 4th, KDI’s 50th anniversary special feature documentary, ‘Seeking a Way out of the Crisis’, was jointly produced by KDI and Arirang TV to highlight the role, significance, and necessity of think tanks in Korean economy and society.

The segment, ‘The Past, Present, and Future of KDI, Korea’s leading think tank for the economic & social system,’ presents interviews with renowned scholars and former and current researchers of KDI on its impact on the development of the Korean economy.
- Through scientific and empirical research, KDI has contributed to the establishment of national agendas, presented the blueprint for Korea’s recovery from multiple national crises, and laid the foundations for policy systems and institutional fundamentals including Korea’s medical insurance system which has received widespread global praise amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
- At this critical juncture, which requires Korea to stop playing catch-up and become a global leader, think tanks such as KDI that can provide insight from a mid- to long-term perspective will gain increasing prominence.

In a statement, KDI President Jeong Pyo Choi affirmed that "KDI will continue to work with leading research institutions from around the world to find meaningful solutions to economic challenges on both the domestic and global, and to secure KDI’s place as a world-leading think tank."

The documentary is available on Arirang TV's three channels (Korea, World, and UN), website and YouTube channel.

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