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Instructions for Preparing a Manuscript for KDI Journal of Economic Policy

General Instructions

  • Manuscripts must be prepared in MS Word.
  • Manuscripts must be prepared in English on A4-sized paper using the “Times New Roman” or similar font, size 12p, and space between lines of 11.3 points.
  • Manuscripts should have abstracts with 100-200 words. Five key words representing the manuscript should be suggested.
  • The first page should display title, abstract, the key words, JEL code with no identifying author information. A separate title page should be prepared with name and position of the author(s), and full postal address and e-mail address in English.
  • Manuscripts with more than one author should display names in order of their contribution.
  • The main body should be divided into the following order: I, A, 1, a, II, A… etc.
  • When Romanization or other foreign languages are needed, the first word of proper nouns, such as names of people and geographical locations, must begin with a capital letter. And, abbreviation of names of groups and organizations must be written in all capital letters.
  • Terms, units, names of people, and technology must maintain consistency throughout the whole manuscript.

Tables and Figures

  • Prepare tables in Times New Roman. Type title 9 points, type body 8 points. Omit all vertical lines and use horizontal lines only.
  • Tables and figures must be numbered with Arabic numerals. For example:
    • Table 1—Summary Statistics
    • Figure 3. Changes in the Debt Ratio
  • Title of the table is placed immediately above the table, and title of the figure is placed immediately below the figure.
  • Note(s) and Source(s) are placed below the table and figure.

Citations and References

  • Please comply with the American Economic Association (AEA) style in formatting references. For example:
    • Bhagwati, J. N. 1958. “Immiserizing Growth: A Geometrical Note.” Review of Economic Studies (3): 201–205.
    • Chang, Woo Hyun, Yong Hyeon Yang, and Seokjin Woo. 2013. Study on the Enhancement of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Policy in Korea (I). Research Monograph 2013-08. Korea Development Institute (in Korean).
  • If a manuscript has a Korean reference that has been translated into English, both titles must be displayed. Foreign references written in Chinese characters must follow the same rule. In addition, foreign references must be displayed in alphabetical order (last name, organization name). For example:
    • Lee, Jong Kyu. 2014. “Evaluation on DPRK’s External Trade of the First Half of 2014.” Review of North Korean Economy 16(7): 46-53, Korea Development Institute (in Korean).
    • 이종규, 「2014년 상반기 북한의 대외무역 평가」, 『KDI 북한경제리뷰』7월호, 한국개발연구원, 2014, pp.46~53.
  • List references alphabetically by author, year of publication, title, publication, and publisher or volume, issue, and page numbers. For websites give the title of the website and the URL. For time sensitive material, provide the date accessed. For example:
    • Choi, Seok-jun. 2008. “The Problems of BTL Projects and Its Influence on Financial Integrity.” Debate Reference, National Assembly Budget Office.
    • Eurostat. 2012. “Manual on Government Deficit and Debt.” 4th Edition.
    • IASB (International Accounting Standards Board). “International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).” (accessed April 23, 2017).
    • Jung, Sung-ho. 2012. “Consideration of Potential Financial Risks of Metropolitan City and Province Local Autonomous Entities: A Comprehensive Debt Management Solution.” Local Finance 2012 6th Issue, 74-101.
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