KDI Journal of Economic Policy, September 1985

Vol.7, No.3 1985-09-30

The Regulation of Financial Services and Financial Liberalization Policy in Korea (Written in Korean)
김중웅 (pp.2-32)
Some Thoughts on the Externality of Corporate Debt Financing Policy Proposals for Improved Financial Structure (Written in Korean)
이영기 (pp.33-57)
A Micro-economic Analysis of Housing Financing Behavior of Urban Households (Written in Korean)
김중수 ; 김영희 ; 김진영 (pp.58-84)
Structural Tax Policy for Stimulating Household Savings in Korea (Written in Korean)
이계식 ; 권용수 (pp.85-120)
A Study on Korea's Management of Foreign Reserves (Written in Korean)
김인철 (pp.121-138)
Stabilization Policy and the Direction of Realignment in the Incentive System of Trade Policy (Written in Korean)
이성섭 ; 강성윤 (pp.139-156)
A Financial Analysis of the National Pension Scheme: A Cost-Benefit Break-even Points Analysis of the Individual Participant (Written in Korean)
민재성 ; 최병호 (pp.157-180)