KDI Journal of Economic Policy, June 1985

Vol.7, No.2 1985-06-30

Industrial Restructuring and the Development of Small and Medium Industries (Written in Korean)
김재원 (pp.2-19)
The Effectiveness of Industrial Location Policy in Reducing Regional Disparity (Written in Korean)
이원영 (pp.20-39)
The Korean Pharmaceutical Industry : Outlines and Suggestions for Improvement in Technology (Written in Korean)
정진승 ; 한배선 (pp.40-54)
An Economic Effects of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement(MFA) (Written in Korean)
엄봉성 (pp.55-73)
Utilization of Overseas Commodity Futures Market (Written in Korean)
이선 (pp.74-97)
Korea's Private Education : Financial Status and Future Policy Measures (Written in Korean)
박훤구 ; 김명숙 (pp.98-123)