KDI Journal of Economic Policy, June 1982

Vol.4, No.2 1982-06-30

Social Development Policies and Government Financing (Written in Korean)
박종기 (pp.2-21)
Exploring Estimation Procedures of the Korean Capital Stock under Data Constraints (Written in Korean)
주학중 (pp.22-37)
Cartels and Industrial Policies (1) (Written in Korean)
이규억 (pp.38-58)
A Decoomposition of Male/Female Wage Differential in Korea (Written in Korean)
박세일 (pp.59-87)
Economic Approach to the Environmental Problem and Major Policy Issues (Written in Korean)
최광 (pp.88-111)
Impact of Oil Price Rise on Korean Economy (Written in Korean)
유정호 (pp.112-131)
Palletization System in Korea (Written in Korean)
임호규 (pp.132-147)