KDI Journal of Economic Policy, November 2014

Vol.36, No.4 2014-11-29

Discriminating Bidders Can Improve Efficiency in Auction
Yong Hyeon Yang (pp.1-32)
Determinants of Fund Investment Flows: Asymmetry between Fund Inflows and Fund Outflows
In seok Shin ; Sung bin Cho (pp.33-70)
An Empirical Analysis on the Effects of Parallel Reimportation: The Case of Korean Automobile Market
Woo Hyun Chang (pp.71-102)
An Estimation on the Economic Value of Emergency Medical Facilities
Ho jun Lee ; Sok Chul Hong (pp.103-134)
An Empirical Analysis on the Production and Price Effect by Agricultural Disaster Insurance
Sung min Han (pp.135-170)
House Price Channel: Effects of House Prices on Macroeconomy
In ho Song (pp.171-205)