KDI Journal of Economic Policy, November 2012

Vol.34, No.4 2012-11-30

Structural Change and Green Growth in Korea, 1980-2020
Yong Jin Kim (pp.1-26)
The Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy in Korea during the Global Financial Crisis
Seong tae Kim (pp.27-68)
Countercyclical Capital Buffer and Monetary Policy
Byoung Hark Yoo ; Kyoo-Hwan Jo (pp.69-90)
An Empirical Study on Employment during Crises in Korea
Suk ha Shin ; Dong chul Cho (pp.91-116)
Trend-Cycle Decomposition Using DSGE Models
Young jin Hwang (pp.117-156)
An Empirical Study on Public Service Recruitment System and Public Sector
Jae hoon Kim ; Ho jun Lee (pp.157-184)