KDI Journal of Economic Policy, March 2011

Vol.33, No.1 2011-03-31

Terms of Trade Shocks and Nontradable Goods Price Inflation argeting Under a Small Open Economy
Han gyu Lee (pp.1-44)
Strategic Cross-fund Subsidization: Evidence from Equity Funds in Korea
Sung bin Cho (pp.45-72)
The Information Effect of Medical Examination on Individual Health Promotion Behaviors: Evidence from Korea
Jae Young Lim (pp.73-91)
Dynamics of Asset Returns Considering Asymmetric Volatility Effects: Evidences from Korean Asset Markets
Yun-Yeong Kim ; Jin soo Lee (pp.93-124)
The Effect of Doctor's Payment Method on Patient's Medical Care Use: Revisit of the Patient's Asymmetric Information Problem
Chang ik Jo ; Jae-Young Lim (pp.125-148)