KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 2008

Vol.30, No.2 2008-12-31

A Re-evaluation of Housing Wealth Effect in Korea
Jang ryoul Kim ; Hang yong Lee (pp.1-25)
External Finance and Productivity Growth in Korea:Firm Level Evidence Before and After the Financial Crisis
Sang hoon Ahn ; Joon-Ho Hahm ; Joon-Kyung Kim (pp.27-59)
A Study on Job Rotation in Civil Service
Kwang-ho Kim (pp.61-97)
Effects of Private Insurance on Medical Expenditure
Hee Suk Yun (pp.99-128)
The Effect of the Degree of Competition of the Hospital Market Regions on Clinic's Rate of Antibiotics Prescription
Chang ik Jo ; Jae-Young Lim ; Soo Yeon Lee (pp.129-155)
An Evaluation of NURI(New University for Regional Innovation):Focusing on Changes in Graduate Employment
Sam-Ho Lee ; Hi sam Kim (pp.157-183)
Effects of Fiscal Policy on Labor Markets: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis
Sun-Bin Kim ; Yong sung Chang (pp.185-223)
Macroeconomic Consequences of Pay-as-you-go Public Pension System
Chang-Gyun Park ; Seok-Kyun Hur (pp.225-270)