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한국개발연구. Vol. 28, No. 1, June 2006, pp. 1-47

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Policy Recommendations for Enhancing the Role of Credet Rating Agencies in the Debt Market

Kyung-Mook Lim

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Manuscript .


Even after significant changes in the financial market due to the financial crisis the corporate debt markets have seen created turmoil caused such as by Daewoo, Hyundai, and credit card companies in the financial system. These lagging improvements of corporate debt markets are mainly due to inadequate market infrastructure. Specifically, the credit rating agencies have not been successful in providing proper and timely information on the loan repayment abilities of debtors. This study analyzes past performance of credit rating agencies in Korea and tries to develop policy implications to improve the role of credit rating agencies based on the recent discussions on credit rating agencies by academics and the SEC. In addition, this study focuses on unique operation environments of Korean credit rating agencies, which have kept credit rating agencies from providing fair, timely, and useful information. To warrant proper operation of credit rating agencies, it is essential to cope with unique problems in Korean credit rating agencies. We classify the unique problems of Korean credit rating agencies into ownership and governance structure, conflict of interests due to ancillary fee-based business, legal recognition of credit rating in the court, and code of conduct problem, etc. and propose policy directions to improve the quality and credibility of credit ratings.


신용평가(Credet Rating), 채권시장(Bond Market)

JEL Code

G24, G28

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