KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 2004

Vol.26, No.2 2004-12-31

Korea's Natural Rate of Unemployment: Estimates and Assessment
Suk ha Shin (pp.3-62)
Market Evaluation of the Value of Patent
Tae hoon Youn (pp.63-104)
A Study on the Fiscal Equity of Local Share Tax System in Korea
Yong-seong Kim (pp.105-141)
Changes in the Weekly Working Hours and the Efficiency of Labor, 1963~2003
Dong seok Kim (pp.143-178)
The Role of M&A in Restructuring Korea's Distressed Firms
Yong-Seok Choi (pp.179-208)
A Public Choice Study on the Use of the Central Bank's Reserved Profits: An Experimental Approach Through 61 Countries' Data
In bae Kim ; Il joong Kim ; Yun sub Kwon (pp.209-247)
Productivity and Patterns of Trade: The Experience of Korea in the 1990s
Moon Joong Tcha (pp.249-280)
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Market Response: Competition between Korea and Japan in the US Steel Market
Moon Joong Tcha ; Jae H. Kim (pp.281-314)