KDI Journal of Economic Policy, July 2002

Vol.24, No.1 2002-07-23

Demand and Supply Side Factors of Trade Balance Fluctuations in Korea : A Structural VAR Approach with Long-Run Restrictions (Written in Korean)
한진희 ; 신인석 ; 조동철 (pp.5-48)
Labor Market Effects of Employment Protection Deregulation (Written in Korean)
최경수 (pp.47-112)
Changes in Pollution Intensity and Internationl Competitiveness : 1993~1998 (Written in Korean)
김동석 (pp.115-190)
Pllicy Direction of Capital Income Taxation in Korea : Searching for New Paradigm by Reviewing the US Fundamental Tax Reform (Written in Korean)
윤건영 ; 현진권 (pp.193-233)