KDI Journal of Economic Policy, March 1980

Vol.2, No.1 1980-03-20

Economic Growth and Concentration of Economic Power (Written in Korean)
사공일 (pp.2-13)
Some Issues in the Control of Unfair Business Practices in Korea (Written in Korean)
이규억 (pp.14-33)
Peak Load Pricing for Industrial Elecricity Use-Time System and Its Effects (Written in Korean)
장영식 (pp.34-60)
A Study on Demand and Supply Model of Korean Housing Market (Written in Korean)
송병락 ; 김사헌 (pp.61-72)
Estimation of Long-run Equilibrium Rate of Inflation (Written in Korean)
이성휘 (pp.73-87)
Policy Directions of Physical Distribution in Korea (Written in Korean)
임호규 (pp.88-111)
Types and Problems of Common Utilization System in Farm Mechanzation (Written in Korean)
문팔용 (pp.112-125)
Analysis of Private Consumption Expenditure Patterns (Written in Korean)
서상목 (pp.136-145)
Patterns of Urbanization and Components of Urban Growth in Korea (Written in Korean)
김선웅 (pp.146-160)