KDI Journal of Economic Policy, December 1991

Vol.13, No.4 1991-12-31

The Changes and the Determinants of Korea's Market Share in U.S., Japanese, and Other OECD Imports (Written in Korean)
유정호 (pp.3-30)
In Search of 'Excess Competition' (Written in Korean)
남일총 ; 김종석 (pp.31-57)
The Rate Schedule of Income Tax and Vertical Equity (Written in Korean)
노기성 (pp.59-90)
Structural Adjustment of Domestic Firms in the Era of Market Liberalization (Written in Korean)
성소미 (pp.91-116)
A Test for Nonlinear Causality and Its Application to Money, Production and Prices (Written in Korean)
백웅기 (pp.117-140)
A Simple Test for Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Regimes: The Case of Korea (Written in Korean)
황성현 (pp.141-153)
Prospects for North Korea's External Opening Policy and North-South Korean Economic Relations (Written in Korean)
연하청 ; 김형원 (pp.155-177)