KDI Journal of Economic Policy, August 1991

Vol.13, No.2 1991-08-17

M2 Velocity and Expected Inflation in Korea : Implications for Interest Rate Policy (Written in Korean)
박우규 (pp.3-19)
Real and Monetary Determinants of Korea's Real Exchange Rate (Written in Korean)
박원암 (pp.21-39)
Local Autonomy, National Economy and Local Public Finance (Written in Korean)
이계식 (pp.41-67)
Analysis of Actual Condition on Subcontracting System in Korean Automotive Industry (Written in Korean)
김주훈 ; 조관행 (pp.69-96)
The Competition Policy and Major Industrial Policy-Making in the 1980's (Written in Korean)
최종원 (pp.97-127)
A Reform Proposal for Management of Regulated Prices (Written in Korean)
김종석 (pp.129-140)
Returns and Resale Price Maintenance in Book Distribution (Written in Korean)
신광식 (pp.141-175)