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[2017 KDI Journal of Economic Policy Conference] Inclusive Growth: Challenges and Opportunities

KDIJEP 2017-12-15

December 15(Fri), 2017

Registration & Networking

Opening Session 

•Opening Remark Siwook Lee  KDI JEP Editor-in-chief
•Keynote Speech Un-Chan Chung  Korea Institute for Shared Growth

Session 1. Income Inequality
•Moderator  Dae-Il Kim  Seoul National University
•Presentation  Rise in Wage Inequality Between Firms: Evidence from Japan 1995-2013Shintaro Yamaguchi  The University of Tokyo
•Discussant  Jungmin Lee  Seoul National University
•Presentation  Finance, Growth and Inequality: Cross-Country Panel VAR EvidenceHyeok Jeong  Seoul National University
•Discussant  Kwanho Shin  Korea University
•Presentation  Fiscal Policy, Wages, and Jobs in the U.S.Hyeongwoo Kim  Auburn University
•Discussant  Hangyu Lee  Dongduk Women's University

•Remarks    Joon-Kyung Kim  KDI President

Session 2. Performance of Small & Large Firms
•Moderator  Jung-Hee Lee  Chung-Ang University
•Presentation  Investigating Performance Implications of Focused Resource Allocation: A Focusing-Balancing Dilemma in SMEs Sang-Joon Kim  Ewha Womans University
•Discussant  Jong-woon Kim  Hannam University
•Presentation  The Impact of the Expansion of Private Brand on Korean Retail and ManufacturingJinkook Lee  KDI
•Discussant  Jong-Il Kim Dongguk University
•Presentation  Status of Korean SMEs and Policy Tasks for the Implementation of SME-centered EconomyYong-Hwan Noh  Seoul Women’s University
•Discussant Jaekeun Hong  Korea Small Business Institute

Coffee Break

Session 3. Entrepreneurship & Start-up •ModeratorSanghoon Ahn  KDI, MOSF

•Presentation  User-industry SpinoutsPamela Adams  Seton Hall University
•Discussant  Seok-Joon Choi  University of Seoul
•Presentation  Technology Based Firms in Brazil: Opportunities and LimitsMarcelo Silva Pinho  Federal University of São Carlos
•Discussant  Minho Kim  KDI
•Presentation  Exploring the Links between International Entrepreneurial Orientation and  Performance of Born Global FirmsByung-Hee Lee  Hanyang University
•Discussant  Jungwook Kim  KDI

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